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Humiliate me for Mistress! - Other - 6737 - (St.John's)

Date : 02-06-2020, 11:24 AM

Hi there!

Im looking to be used abused and degraded, male slave here, wanting to suck some cock, fuck or be fucked, and be just overall completely humiliated, piss on me abuse me, use me, cover me in cum, Free of charge! the only thing i ask is that we are able to record the session so my mistress can see that it actually happened! Your face does not need to be shown! Just the acts that occur to me for her. If this interests you then please message me tonight, or tomorrow anytime works for me, ill reply as quickly as i can! thanks in advance everyone! cant wait to be your little whore! The snow is perfect as well for us to make any messes, I'll eat them up in the snow hehe ;) help me feel like a slutty little whore for Mistress nothing more then a cum dump!

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